Re: Is R/S ok if no molasses BP?

Lorna Cane

>( Some of the posts are beyond my knowledge at this time but.. dont worry.. I have a book in the mail "Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition 2013, that might help before I take Dr. K's NRC course.) . 

Lj,and others reading,don't be deterred by your knowledge level before taking Dr. Kellon's NRCPlus course.
Others will agree with me that she has managed to design her courses in a way that can be understood by people just getting their feet wet,so to speak,but that can also be studied by someone with more in depth knowledge,and wanting more detailed science from the material.

You are also able to ask questions as you proceed with the course material. .

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002

*See What Works in Equine Nutrition*

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