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 I suggest you contact California Trace directly to ask Sally Hugg the question. She's very responsive to questions. I've never seen ESC + Starch on California Trace Plus and would like to know the answer myself.

FWIW, Uckele Equine's U-Balance Foundation is an alternative that covers not only trace minerals but also major minerals. It's palatable, at least to my non-picky mares who ate it right out of my hand. It's comparable in cost to California Trace Plus.  If you ask an ECIR balancer to look at your hay analysis and factor in U-Balalnce Foundation, you might find that it's a good fit with minimal tweaking.


I trial-balanced a couple of my orchard grass hays using U-Balance Foundation fed at one ounce per day.  It did a reasonable job of balancing horses from 850 lbs to 1100 pounds. You will still want to add a few things for tightly balanced minerals. How far it is from ideal will depend on your hay. 

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Does anyone here use CA Trace Plus for their IR & PPID horse? Is CA Trace Plus safe for IR (with previous rotation)?

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