Re: coconut oil.

Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Ronelle,

Is this the product you are/were feeding?  Hoof & Hair Guard | Horse Guard


Which product did you stop?  If you are feeding Hoof & Hair this is the contribution your are receiving per day based on the 6 oz. recommended serving at a cost of $1.74:  Biotin 106 mg or 0.1 gram, Methionine 6 grams, Lysine 6 grams, Zinc 400 mg, Glycine 3.5 grams, Phenylalmine 3.2 grams, Cystine and soy oil 32 grams.  Copper is listed in the ingredient list,  but not in the guaranteed analysis.  There is no selenium listed.   You can easily compare this to the CA Trace analysis which is listed on the site and I think you will agree that the CA Trace gives you a better nutrient profile.  There is no equine requirement for glycine and phenylalmine that I could find.  It is my understanding that if you are supplementing methionine you don't need to supplement cystine.  Of course, as you know, the most effective tool to your horse's diet is hay/diet analysis and to supplement according to requirement and diet deficiencies.

Are you considering supplementing flax?  The flax Omega 3: Omega 6 profile is closest to grass and if he were my horse and I thought he might be IR I would chose flax over coconut oil.

Kathy Brinkerhoff

10/12  SE/WI


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