Re: California Trace Plus

Stephanie Stout

Hi Everyone,

@Lorna, I lost my CH when my computer crashed so I don't have one to post until I can fill it all out again. I can answer any questions if you need!

I contacted CA Trace(Sally) and heard back about the ESC and Starch values if anyone is interested. The California Trace Plus has "Per Equi-analytical, each 4 ounce serving of CA Trace PLUS contains: ESC  8.7 grams, Starch 7.5 grams".

I know this is high for an IR horse so I'm thinking that it's not safe. So, does anyone have another mineral supplement they use? I know the perfect situation is to get the hay balanced but I just can't do that right now so trying to find something that will help for now.

Oct 2014

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