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Hi LJ,

The mission of this group led by Dr. Kellon and the moderators is healthy horses with NO LAMINITIS.  To that end, they have put together the DDTE (Diagnosis, Diet, Trim and Exercise) protocol that is recommended to everyone who comes to the list for help.  That protocol is based on data and lots and lots of experience and success helping horses avoid or overcome the debilitating consequences of missed diagnosis, misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatment.

The easiest, cheapest and most effective way to help your horse is to follow the DDTE recommendations as outlined.  The site is the best way to get the overall picture of the approach and then searching conversations and files will give lots more detail about the specifics.  If you are unable to obtain the items you need, the moderators and members are a great resource for other options if you need them.

I worked with a vet who specialized in nutrition, a well-known farrier whose claim to fame is balancing the foot around a dot and a vet practice who told me that I didn’t need to change my horse-keeping for a horse with an insulin of 87 and later when the horse’s feet got very hot, that it’s not laminitis unless the horse is lame.  All of those professionals’ advice and actions contributed to my horse’s laminitis, in spite of sincerely believing they were right.  When I joined this group, I did my best to follow the group’s philosophy and suggestions and my horse got better.  Not one bit of advice hurt my horse.  Let me say that again; not one bit of ECIR advice hurt my horse and he got better.  I am eternally grateful for Dr. Kellon and this amazing group of volunteers who provide so much important information, experience, advice and encouragement to us.

Keep it simple. Follow the DDTE and go back and review the DDTE on a regular basis.  Take your advice from a group with a proven track record of success in helping many, many horses.

Best regards,

Paula with Cory (IR) and Onyx (IR) in Bucks County, PA, USA

EC 2014     NCRplus2011   ECIR course 2014


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