Re: Hyaluronic Acid Source

Donna Coughlin


Thank you so much for that link! It was a bit overwhelming....but I did get the numbers to differentiate between "high" molecular weight (10kDA--whatever that means) and "low" molecular weight (2-3.5kDA). Needless to say, can't find that info on either the NOW site or Pure Bulk. When I googled "Molecular weight of hyaluronic acid capsules from NOW, I was directed to their site where it said their HA is high molecular weight. 

I couldn't find any info on the molecular weight of Purebulk's, but it is a powder, undoubtably cheaper than my capsules, but mixing it and remembering it from the fridge (house) to the barn is unlikely! In fact, that's why I've never gotten it from Joan. BTW, Purebulk's is made in China, doesn't say where NOW's comes from, and I can't find that by searching, so I sent them an email asking country of origin.

And Nancy,

THANKS for the right source; haven't used Purebulk in a while, good reminder.

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