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....I couldn't find any info on the molecular weight of Purebulk's, but it is a powder, undoubtably cheaper than my capsules, but mixing it and remembering it from the fridge (house) to the barn is unlikely! In fact, that's why I've never gotten it from Joan. 

Hi Donna,
I can't remember exactly when, it was before Neo, maybe 2 yrs ago, but I was reading thru some messages about HA, the powder, the gel, etc.  And someone said they were using the powder from Joan and not mixing it with water. I believe they said it wasn't quite as effective, but they were seeing an improvement.  This goes back to when I often followed many subject threads, clicking on links, and searching here and there in the files.  (how I tracked down the pics of Duke, after seeing his furry little feet in the hoof section) Life's been pretty complicated the last 10 mnths and I'm not in the files or archives like I used to be, but  someone might remember or have additional comments on using just the pwd.  Of course, someone may have added comments about the pwd just not being worth using without being "gelled" and I missed it. I don't know if this will add anything to your HA info, but thought I'd mention it.
Hope little Duke doesn't get caught in a snow drift.
Laura K. Chappie & Beau

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