Re: Hyaluronic Acid Source


  What are the thoughts on freezing the mixed HA?  Mix the powder with water as usual.  Then, measuring it out by the tablespoon (or whatever the dose size is) into ice cube trays and freezing?    Okay, I don't know if a horse would eat an ice cube, OR if the HA would lose its potency if it was stirred around and allowed to melt in the horse's carrier.    I do know that is how I have started to use it for myself, pulling out an ice cube and putting it in a glass of juice or water, putting it in the refrigerator until the ice cube is mostly melted before consuming it with my vitamins.  I used to mix up 6 ounces at a time, and keep it in the fridge, but before I got halfway through it had lost it's gel-like consistency.  Then there was always the problem of not finding the time to mix up more on time, and I was always running out and going without it for days or a week.   By freezing it, I can mix up 12 ounces at a time (or more if you have enough space in your freezer) which almost fills two ice cube trays.  It is SO much easier.    I just don't know if freezing it is good or not (it melts to a gel-like consistency).    Or if this idea would work for horses.

Middle Tennessee
Sept 2007

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