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lj friedman

So,I am enrolled in the next  NCR plus course that starts in February. But I'm thinking my poor horse shouldnt have to suffer with low P until then ( Another plug for help. I don't even own this horse. I treat him at my own time and expense because the owner will not do it and I prefer he lives well... and I love this horse So. here goes:

I have corrected selenium with organic slenium yeast at 2 mg per day. So, for now. only P is coming up short. (one note: I suspect IR but testing will be done in the next week or so and horse is clearly Cushings)

item            actual amt.      minimum needed        %

P                 13.7 mg           21.2                        65

CA               54.8                 28.7                       191

Manganese   1103               345.0                      320

Iron              1748               345.0                      507

CA:P                    4:1

Dr.Kellon says to fix P with monosodium p and pay close attention to iron/manganese overload and consider getting a better analysis of trace minerals.


I need to update my CH tht shows selenium is added, and will update soon. will ask for help bec the file was uploaded by a moderator and I cant access the file now. 

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