Re: Questions

Mandy Woods

You can get all the ingredients for the Temp ER Diet at Walmart.   Vitamin E in the pharmacy.  Get a bottle of 400 iu’s of Natural E in soy oil.  Magnesium pills are there too.  You may have to smash them with a hammer!   Flax and salt can be found in the cake baking aisle.  The flax is preground but NOT stabilized so put it in the frig after you open it.   It’ll probably last a week.   You can get Flax oil capsules like Deb mentioned.  What ever works for Po.  Iodized table salt in the round box’s are in the cake aisle.  IF you head to the sports department you can pick up a fish hanging scale for under $10.  You’ll be weighing hay dry.  Wamart also sells muck buckets and storage containers.  These are great for soaking hay.    To extend the life the 60 cc syringe ~ I freeze the rubber tip after I rinse it off.  When its time to squeaze it into the syringe,  I spray a quarter size blob of PAM cooking spray  in the sink and just use my finger to wipe some around the rubber.  It makes a smooth slide into the syringe.  That will work for a few days until you get more.  See if you can find a mill near you that has plain timothy pellets.  A half cup  could be a carrier.    Tic Tac’s and Tums make a neat treat.
Hang in there!
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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