WAS: Questions NOW: freaked out and frazzled.

Nancy C

You made my morning Kerry.

For those of you with a sick horse trying to figure this out :Hang in there. Breathe. As you have seen over and over again  in the last few days the volunteers will be with you if they know you are trying to help your horse. and you can effectively communicate in cyberspace. Being polite helps too.

As most of you know, this group is different.  It's not a chat group.  We ask many things of you, especially when you are in crisis,  to make sure you are getting the best recommendations for your horse, your specific situation.  These recs are based on what we know works.  It has been seen over and over again. It may feel rigid and confusing but as pointed out, we will not deviate from what we know works.

Please remember the ECIR Group is a free service run by volunteer members who have been right where you are today and understand your frustration.  We have walked in your shoes and come through the storm.

For those of you suffering with the  electronic devices, be it google glass, iPad, Android or old tired MAC or PC, learn how to use it correctly.

Take advantage of  info available at the ecirhorse.org site, in the FILES, in the LINKS, and learn how to search archived messages.  It can be successfully negotiated even with NEO.  It just takes patience and a little work.  Don't let it get to you.  Your horses are depending on you.

You are the best advocate for the horses in your care. Hang in there.

Thanks again Kerry.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
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Thank goodness I found this group. Thanks to everyone for all that you do for us owners desperately seeking & for the horse community as a whole.

Kerry in NY
Pinky Sept 2014
Tofurky Nov 2014

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