Re: High Insulin

Patty Sobel <psobel_gen@...>

I should have added that the day the blood was drawn Libby picked up a cough from one of the other horses.  Vet thought it was viral and we opted not to treat unless it got worse.  She's nearly over it now, but that may explain the WBC being low.

Also some good and bad news.  The bad:  Libby got away from me on her way out to the paddock this morning.  I was leading her with an Arab mare, who freaked out and dragged me, so I let go of Libby.

The good:  Libby was very sound as she trotted down the concrete barn aisle and out the back door, with her front boots on!  (Yes, I know TWH's aren't supposed to trot, but Libby never got the memo).  Fortunately there was no grass to be found as she ended up in another dry lot and I was able to catch her very quickly.

Patty and Libby
Laurel, MD
May 2008

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