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Hi Michelle,

I just sent a note to a neighbor who is an equine vet who’s specialty is teeth.  I know her mother used to use a gal  who always floated teeth without sedation.  I asked if she could direct us to the type of practioner you might look for to help Sammy, assuming she might not personally know of anyone in the UK.  Will let you know when I hear from her.  Pulling for your boy!

Judy Mentzer

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Haven't posted for a while because Sammy my 36 year old mini has been doing very well.
He's cushings and IR and he's on 1 and a quarter Prascend a day.

Last Thurs night I had to call the vet out because he went very lame in one of his front legs
just very suddenly (no laminitis attacks for over 6 years) and he stopped eating. Vet gave
him some bute and next day he was walking better and then began eating again that

Every was going fine until Sunday morning, just stopped eating again. Another vet came out
next day and said its definately laminitis but he was walking around his stall okay. I told her
could she check his mouth because he's never stopped eating - she refused and said that's
not the issue. So she gave him more bute and he just picked at his food that evening.

Stilll not eating next day but he's drinking. The vet left me with some Metacam to be given
that morning, I gave it to him just below the recommended dose and about 2 hours later
he was circling backwards, looked very neurological and terrible diahrea by 6pm. Called vet
out again at 5pm and she's says he ought to be put to sleep, I told her I thought it
was the Metacam and please to look in his mouth and we find his teeth are
very hooked and he's got ulcers on his tongue and cheeks.

She then says they wont do dentistry on a 36 yr old and the sedation would kill him because
his liver and kidneys wouldnt be working properly. I then said how could she know that
without a blood test? So she reluctantly took blood and I got the results just now. I also said
that why couldnt they do his teeth without sedation and she said that if would be too much
for him.

She's saying that liver and kidneys are fine but white blood cell count is low and he's
anaemic and he's got muscle breakdown. I said well wouldnt the later be the fact he
hasnt eaten hardly anything in 3 days? She says know and that his body is giving up
and he needs to be put to sleep.

Can someone look at these blood results and let me know if this is actually the case
and is he at the end of the road. He's not under weight and his eyes are bright and
he's interacting but just so hungry he's pacing around looking for stuff in his
bed shaving, last night I made up some sloppy mash and been putting that in
his mouth to swallow and he's taking that ok but wont take it from the bucket.

The vets telling me I cannot put him through the stress of having his teeth done,
is this the case and even if he starts eating his anaemia and muscle breakdown wont
recover - again in this actually the true?

Thank you in advance for you help.

Michelle King
Uk joined 2007

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