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Nancy C

Hi Sandralyn

Welcome.  Our PPID/Cushing's and IR horses can do a lot more than we think if approached slowly with the right support.  His arthritis may be a factor, depending on where it is and how severe.

So we can give you the full DDT+E approach for specific recommendations, can you tell us more?  The best way to do that is through filling out a CasehHisotry.  You need to join our Case History filing cabinet site, ECHisotry8, just like you did here, then fill out the form and upload to a folder. You can join and find instructions here:  ECHistory8


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do u think he will ever be ridden or is he just a companion horse now...he is 25...I've had him since he was 3....he has been to vet and chiropractor....he is stiff in the said he has Cushing and arthritis

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