New Deb's Cory hoof photos


Hi Lavinia--  I know you are swamped with weather and other photos, so no rush on these photos, but I'd appreciate your comments on Cory's toe ( I know the heels still need to come down more).  I feel like I want to really take the toes back now, but I am concerned that the wedges are providing most of the support in the forward parts of his feet.  I wonder if, rather than shortening them much more, I can round the corners at this point a good bit.

On a positive note, I think he is standing better on the left front.  It looks to me like he is putting more weight on it, but I notice now that he usually stands with it behind and the right more forward.  I have had trouble lately getting to the right (I can still only trim the heels when he is down) because he is usually down on the right side.  And he is not down much now.

Thanks so much for your time.

Deb and Cory in NC
July 2012


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