Extremely skinny just diagnosed cushings horse in Australia please help

Belinda Jacomas

Hi Everyone,
My horse has been diagnosed with Cushings after loosing weight fairly rapidly over the last 6 weeks, he only had a single blood test and it showed quite high cortisol levels, vet thought he wouldn't do well with the Dex test.
He has been on 1mg (4ml) Ranvet liquid pergolide for 2 weeks, but is still loosing weight at a rapid rate.

I am feeding him per day (1/2 morn and 1/2 at night)
20 litres Lucurne Chaff 
5kg of Hygain Zero which is a pellet made from Lupin hulls with added vitamins & minerals,
4 cups of Copra
1 cup black sunflower seeds
4 cups rice bran (Coprice pellets which is rice bran, rice bran oil and added vitamins etc)

All the above feeds (except lucurne) have a NSC of under 10% so they should all be OK to feed.
I have asked at the various feed stores about the NSC content of the lucurne but they don't know, as it comes from a variety of different suppliers so it can vary. Also I have tried to enquire about testing my grass, but the paddock is made up of a mix of about 20 grasses and I can't find much info on any of them, and the feed store look at me like I am crazy.

The volume of what I am feeding is about double the amount of feed he has been quite happy on all his life.

Also I have looked for Alfalfa cubes in Australia but I can only find 1 manufacturer and they don't know the NSC percentage.

My horse looks like he has been starved. He is so skinny and despite being on pergolide for the last 2 weeks he is still loosing weight. I had a look at the emergency diet, but the beet pulp at the feed store all have sugar in them, and is this diet for loosing weight or gaining weight? I am really confused is there anyone out there that can help me at all? I am really upset and my horse can't afford to loose any more weight. You can see all his ribs, his hips are like sharp points, he has a big valley between his spine and the top of his ribs, even his backside is wasted away. He can't have a roll as he doesn't have enough muscle to get down, but he still eats like a maniac, he knows he is starving, but he still seems happy and has a sparkle in his eyes. He is 26 years old, Arab  / Quarter Horse 16.2hh


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