Re: balancing diet without a analysis...N.E ohio

Mandy Woods

Hi Joanne,
Why did you join ECH3?   Its is closed to new Case Histories.   Did you mean to join ECH8?    I can send you an invite to join that group so you can tell us more about your horse.   Yes,  high manganese is not good.  It does not soak out of hay either.   You may have to test some bales in your barn – just order sugar/starch – and if that passes the test of being below 10% you could continue with the manganese test.   Its possible you will have to source your own hay and keep it at home or rent a small portion of the barn you are in presently.    We cant make any wild guesses from what you have told us so far.   You can go to the DairyOne library and see about hays in your area and how they run.   Only once in 12 years of testing hay in VA have I found high manganese so it might not be so bad in NE OHIO.    You need to talk to one of the volunteers who actually balance hay.  They may have more ideas for you.    There is always a way to get things done~~ you may have to work a little harder!   Your horse would really benefit from having the best diet custom made for him.   Being proactive is a good thing.
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003


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