Re: Extremely skinny just diagnosed cushings horse in Australia please help

Belinda Jacomas

Hi Kylie,

Thanks for that. I did get him to eat about 2 litres of it all up, so about 1/4 of his normal food ration for the night. I have been out there 3 times to offer it and he has eaten a bit each time.

I have fed Maxisoy before and as far as I know he liked it, so I will go and get some of that tomorrow. Or he did like it when it was mixed with the Biomare he used to eat, can't say now as this is the first time ever he has refused food that wasn't hay.

With regards to Rhodes hay, I tried him on a rhodes / lucerne mix a few years ago when lucerne hay was $25 a small bale to try and save some money, and he refused to eat it. Both horses trampled it down all over their stables and proceeded to have their midday snooze on it.

I think I will just feed him Zero with soaked hay in the morning, then try a 1 part beet / 1 part soy / 2 parts zero mix tomorrow night. My hubby has made me a large 'drying' table tonight with shadecloth as the table top kind of like a big collander, I have spread out the soaked hay so it doesn't start to ferment or mould and it should be a lot dryer in the morning, maybe it was just too wet for him (this is me being hopeful)!

Thanks so much for your help, will let you know his opinion of the soy tomorrow night, and will take a look at the picky eaters list now.


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