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Mandy Woods

Hi “K”,
Welcome to the group.   You have lots of information available to you here in our files as well as at     Please help yourself!  
The first thing I want to mention is about CTB or Vitex.     We have found that this helps with symptoms like long hair coat but it does not slow down the production of ACTH.    Please post all her labs in ECH8 so the volunteers can see the big picture.  Kerry wrote  this morning about two of her horses and their symptoms with and without ChasteTreeBerry.      Right now pergolide is the best drug to control ACTH. 
Here’s the link to join ECH8.   I will also send you an invite just incase you have difficulty joining.
The list philosophy is DDT/E.  DIAGNOSIS,  DIET,   TRIM  and EXERCISE.   All 4 points need to be in place to see optimum results.  
Let us know which test your vet ran to diagnosis Cushings.  We recommend the ACTH test to confirm PPID aka Cushings.   The pergolide we recommend is the powder/capsule to prevent it from degrading in light,  moisture and air.  You will need a vets prescription for this drug.  Many of us get the powder/caps in 30 days supply so we know its fresh.    Compounded pergolide is affordable.  
To confirm Insulin Resistance,  we recommend pulling blood for Insulin/Glucose/Leptin on a NON fasting horse.   Feed her  only soaked/drained grass hay the night before and the day of the test.   
You could start the Temporary Emergency DIET today.  This is the basis for the custom diet you will be building for your horses.   Is is low sugar/starch forage with minerals balanced to its assay.  The ER minerals are to go with the soaked/drained hay.  You can get these at most drugstores/groceries.   Vitamin E natural,  loose iodized table salt,  magnesium and freshly ground flax.  She should not be on pasture. Grass is high in sugars even in the winter.   NO grains.  NO treats,  commercial feeds or supplements.   Red/brown salt blocks have iron and molasses in them.  She needs loose salt.  Horses have smooth tongues and a block is a lot of licking.  The recipe for this diet is in the Start Here file and at     The cool conditioner is fat?   Oaten chaff hay is high in sugar?     Are you in Australia?   You can send a hay sample  to equi-analytical in NY.   Then you can start to balance your hay.
TRIM ~ feet are very important and need to have a correct trim with toes backed and heels lowered.   You can add photos of her  and her feet in the PHOTO section of ECH8. 
EXERCISE is a great IR buster.  Even hand walking is good if the horse is able.
As soon as we see your Case History the volunteers will be able to help you  faster.   Keep reading the files and the messages.  So much to learn!  Ask questions and we’ll help.  Please sign your name,  date of joining and where you live.
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003



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