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hello everyone.. its been a long time since I posted, princess has been doing very well until the last 6 months. I had knee surgery again and I had to hire a blacksmith again and fire one and hire another one. on my 3ed now.. the first 2 let her heels grow long and toes to long..  its been 2 months and I and the blacksmith have her toes short and heels down I think they can come down a little more.. she still does not want to move around and stands in the founder stand. but after the 2 trim shes standing with her feet still out in front of her not as far as she was and shifts her weight back and forth not all the time does.
 here are her new x-rays. taken this month. I will get photos of her hoofs tonight.. shes on a balanced diet nothing changed but the cold weather and blacksmiths..
does anyone have any ideas? shes eating, drinking, she does lay down a little more. but mostly at night.. she will not walk. you can tell she hurts.. but not sure from what.. I know you need the photos but just to put the bug out there to see if I can get some suggestions.. when she turns she goes and  lifts up on her back and turns..  most of the weight on her ass end.. when she walks she very stiff and hurts like every step in painful..not heat no pounding  pulse you can hardly feel it..   . I had her on the j herb. did nothing and put her on bute.. I know big no no but it helps her... some
also her hoofs are as hard as a rock, frog and all. any suggestions?
Sue & princess 6/11 ohio

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