Re: Extremely skinny just diagnosed cushings horse in Australia please help

Belinda Jacomas

Hi Pauline and Kylie, I called Bova this morning and they put me onto one of their chemists, he can supply the pergolide in a powder / capsule, but he said that he has never heard of the liquid breaking down and 95% of their orders are for liquid and only 5% powder / capsules. So I am even more confused now.

Refused to eat soaked hay again this morn and refused beet again, after two hours I took it away so the other fatso horse couldn't eat it, and have given him some Zero so at least he has eaten something.

Hubby dragged out the old electric fence this morning and we will set it up tonight after work and make a separate yard for each of them so that she can't go out of his sight. Won't do her any harm, she is not getting fed and looks like a pregnant hippo she is so fat. That way I can leave his food out and she can't get to it when he walks off.

Any more thoughts on the pergolide? It must be working a bit, as he has started to shed a little and the fatty bits above his eyes have gone down to 1/2 of what they were.


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