Cornell testing

lj friedman

My horse is now 30 days on prascend, prescribed without acth testing as he is obvious cushings.. Now, I will be doimg the EMSDP test at Cornell. acth, insulin, leptin glucose ,T4.. I will also do selenium  and also chem/cbc

The emsdp test at Cornell cost $91.00 vet charges me 257.25 plus shipping

the selenium test cost at cornell  is  ??? and vet charges me 100

and the chem/cbc will cost me 144.00

A few points. Office tech said all blood is sent to local lab ,Stat labs, and they in turn send to Cornell. I told tech no.. he must send direct to Cornell. Was I correct to require this?

Also, since I wont know the peroglide dose this horse needs until acth test is done., and lots of prascend each day can get expensive, . I asked about a script for compounded peroglide.  Absolutely not.. We can lose  our license.

So, should I look for another vet? are these lab charges reasnoable for So. Cal? 

lj friedman san diego

ech8 being fixed. 

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