Re: pergolide capsules

Claudia Goodman


>>I will have to get him checked again though, as his coat is very curly now if it gets wet. It is not any longer, but it sure is curly, so that's not right.

I am commenting just on the concern over the curly wet coat. My Morgan mare has always had a full coat in winter that curls in the rain or if very sweaty. Last year at age 23, when she tested positive for PPID for the first time, her coat was obviously longer and thicker than previous years, for sure, but my point is that she had been curly all along and she tested negative for PPID for many years prior. Because of observing her coat since she was 3,  I believe curliness can be independent of PPID, and would like to learn more about this. (Morgans often have longer and curlier coats in winter, but I don't know if it necessarily has any connection to PPID.)

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