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hi Lavinia,
her feet look bad.. I had the new blacksmith come out the next day and lower the heels on both some, and take the toes back as you can see in the new photos.... but I think the club hoof could come back some but Its so little I don't think it would make a big difference.. and yes we had some major abscessing going on.. as you can see in the photos in the front of her hoofs.. when they were taken back most were already dried up but some oozed . and looking from the bottom view the toes are rocked up some and the frog is stretched forward because it was not keep in check.. her feet are rock hard there not like the regular hoof. you can't find the sole.. like they say its flaky.. never seen that in any of princess hoofs.. I think its because of ? could be false soles? 
I feel sorry for princess because I took the back seat because of all the knee issues I've had.. no more.. I don't care if I have to crawl out to the barn and babysit the black smith I will.. and wont be afraid of telling him what I think and what should be done.. and having it done..
so on her hoofs in the one photo the frog is sticking out some should this be flush? I think it should.. please correct me if I'm wrong.. her club hoof needs a little more off the front.. but I'm bot sure about the bottom.. the way the toe is rounded up.. I think that has to stop also.. I told the new blacksmith that I didn't want her standing on a rocking care hoofs, he agreed.. and I think if I keep the toes backed and the heels down and the frogs and bars in check she should be fine.. and grow out of it all... whats your thoughts? I just want to make sure I'm on the right track... princess is only on bute once a day in the morning and I don't keep her on it all the time.. she was on the j harb but she got bad I had to bute her.. 
the new black smith had me do a 5 day of yunnan baiyao  I didn't seem to do anything for her..
also whats your thoughts on DR Flemings prescription herbs.. shes with the florida equine center.. I'm trying the founder powder and cushings... the blacksmith has had great results  with it.. 
sue & princess
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Hi Sue,

So sorry you had the knee issue and Princess is having trouble again.

You are correct, the toes really got away from the farrier. Need to back them considerably. LF heels pretty good at the time of the xrays so getting the toe backed on that one is the goal. RF heels need to get lowered some and toe backed. You may have some abscess issues brewing as well as cold-induced pain so J herb and AAKG would be the way to go as well as wraps, boots, blankets for warmth.

Drops in temps will cause insulin spikes so that could also be a factor here.The bute will only slow down any abscessing that may be trying to happen. Know how hard it is to watch them in pain.

Looking forward to the pix when you have a chance to get those up. Hang in there and give Princess a hug for us.

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