Re: New to Cushings


WHOA! Colour me confused/overwealmed/buried in info....:) Thats not a bad thing!

 I have a copy of her blood test result, its hard for me to understand so I will upload it to her case history. I will be back on tonight to check messages and put full detail into her case history with fresh pics.

How do I edit my signature? On Yahoo or in group options somewhere? Ive never bothered with a signature before.

 Teshan is very healthy and part of the reason I bred from her is her iron will and tough constitution. I will make changes to her diet but its not possible to take her off grass. Its just a fact of the space I have available to me until I sell the filly. I can restrict her acess to pasture but that will likely make her miserable. 

Back soon!
Western Sydney, NSW Australia,
Teshan, 3/2/15

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