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Hi Pauline and Kylie, I called Bova this morning and they put me onto one of their chemists, he can supply the pergolide in a powder / capsule, but he said that he has never heard of the liquid breaking down and 95% of their orders are for liquid and only 5% powder / capsules. So I am even more confused now.


Hi Belinda,


This issue is confusing when you get so many different answers to the same question.


 I’ve had this discussion with Bova before, Ask them if they have done a quality control test on the liquid to back up what they say. The answer will more than likely be no- as it’s a costly test to run. They make up more liquid, mainly because that’s what the vets prescribe. Usually  because the vets think it’s too hard for the client to give a capsule to a horse- or they don’t know better. My dear PPID/IR  pony Jack was part of the Ranvet liquid trial when it first came out onto the market- so I can speak from first hand experience on my one horse trial. I’ll give you the short version  When he was finally diagnosed, starting on the liquid was better than nothing- I had no idea about Cushings- did what the vet told me etc., wasn't working very well.  I then had a trimmer out- last chance sort of situation and she put me onto this group.  Denial, frustration, change & acceptance happened over time & I took the advice of the group & changed to the compounded capsules. The difference within a few days of his attitude & demeanor was amazing. It made me start to query what I was being told.  I saw a massive improvement to say the least.


However, having said that- I’m also very aware of financial restrictions that some people may face- so for me it really is a matter of trying to work out what is best for each individual situation. I recently priced compounded liquid pergolide for Jack- he’s a Shetland & currently on 13mg (2 x 6.5mg capsules) & the price made me choke- so for me the capsules are a better option- though still really expensive compared to what people pay in the USA.  Same for my 31yr old Appy- currently on 7mg.  I agree with you that you may be seeing some improvement & that’s great. It’s a start & you’re on the right track.


I feel we need to tackle this on two fronts- immediate issues & long term plans. Immediate is to continue the liquid pergolide & slowly increase dose & to get him to eat/accept safer foods. Seriously consider changing to the capsules.   

It is more important to keep him eating – so continue with the Zero & add a handful or less of speedy beet or maxisoy just to introduce it to the palate. Do what you can with what you've got on hand at the moment- I feel it needs to be gradual & subtle with your guy. May  also need to consider that there is also an ulcer issue.


Not sure if it’s been addressed yet- but stop the iron supplement- Blud- horses don’t tend to be truly anemic- they more likely tend to be iron overloaded.


Long term is to get him stabilised & on a balanced diet.


You’re doing a great job so far & he’s lucky to have you in his corner.




Jack & Spur

Sth West Vic

Australia Aug 07


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