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Hi Maggie,

 I was told by my vet it was not overly high, but after looking at the test results, it seems very high! Im hoping someone here can explain that too me. I have the results uploaded to our CH, all we tested for at this time was ACTH.

 Ive recently learned about the pergolide veil with the research that helped me find this group. Im planning a trial on vitex and I'll explain a bit more about that.

 I keep my pergolide in the fridge with all my medications. It isnt likely to degrade under those conditions, at any rate, I only get about 20 doses. I am paying $75 for 100ml. I dont have to pay for it up front every time it goes on my bill, but since I am also paying for 6 monthly Hendra boosters (about $400 a visit not counting my yearling who isnt vaccinated yet) I'd like at least part of the year vet bill free! 

 In Australia we dont have the option to buy it from pharmacies, Ive checked that out already. I also contacted Ranvets and they cant sell it to me - even with a prescription - unless I am a vet. 

I can get the vitex powder for about $30 a kg and its important I try her on it, because my stallion has a severe paspalum allergy. Ive just done the grass thing with him - gut imbalance from stressed pasture and no resistance to it, as he'd been stabled before, then the paspalum allergy, all lumped in with the grief of losing his paddock mate and his first breeding season. So Ive done the grass/no grass high oxalate thing. I keep high absorption magnesium, dcp and bute on hand, as well as controlling my pasture as best I can. If Teshan becomes highly symptomatic (which at this time she is not) then I can restrict her acess to grass as I did with the stallion, but here no grass means no paddock at all which = unhappy pony...And unhappy pony in this family means wrecked fences!

 Teshan may have a sensitivity to paspalum or pollens as well. I need to try her on vitex because pergolide is counter indicated in horses with ergot sensitivity so the stallion wont be able to take it, (if he should inherit her cushings) and it may not be working in Teshan like it should. She certainly doesnt have the allergy the way he has it but there is a good chance they are sharing a similar allergy and she has simply had years of pasture time to adjust.

 When it comes to treats, Ive just gone through this with a CRF cat and another with a heart condition. I will make changes to their diet, I will monitor their conditions and take notes and work towards improvement. However I will never stop giving treats entirely. Portions may become smaller, they may get them further apart or only on a certain day, but seriously...Whats life without treats? Ive done rescue for years, no matter the species, you have to let them keep fighting. Depression is serious and affects their whole attitude to fighting their illness. 

 So, Ive cut the studmix in her feed (which is the sugery bit) and upped the cool conditioner which is a great maintenance feed. Ive dropped the pergolide to 2ml and I should have my vitex by next week. I will update her case history as needed. I forgot to mention she gets oaten chaff with dinner, but no green. Im thinking of adding green to hide the flavours.

 One point of contention I know people will have..I put the pergolide in her feed. If I have to take a video to prove it to you all I will, this mare is 2hrs to catch and 2hrs to worm, not kidding. Anything you want to put in her mouth by syringe, she rears and plunges and tries to bolt. Read a recent Teshan Adventure here

I may sometimes go a few days without posting - I work as well as run the farm and we have 2 kids under 3 - but I will always catch up
Western Sydney NSW Australia
Teshan 3/2/2015


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