Thanks to the 2013 Neo Yahoo changes , the Database sections of the Yahoo groups no longer function properly.   To keep the database going it has been temporarily saved in PDF format and posted in a drop box location.  Due to this format change members  now must send emails to edit or add information.  If you need to edit your information or want to add a new horse to the database, just  fill out the short form from our files section and email it 


LeeAnne at ECIR.Archives <at> gmail <dot> com.  If you are having file access issues just send LeeAnne an email to get an email copy of the form. 


Please update or add your equine to the database!  It won’t take long, and especially with the new columns, there will be big benefits to all horses with PPID and their owners down the road.   Already we have stats showing dosages on 250+ horses, information on occurrences of laminitis, life expectancy and more. With new horses and more updated data, the stats will be better than ever, answering some of the big questions regarding the use of pergolide.


"The only "correct" dose of pergolide is the one that controls his ACTH."
- Dr. Kellon, ECIR Message #132610, Sep 2, 2009.


Thank you for your cooperation and taking the time to “give back”.

Owners, Moderators & Primary Response Team of the Equine Cushings List

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