Re: Anemia of Chronic Disease

beverly meyer

Ranitidine 900 mg. x 3 for 2 years now I believe. Every time I try to wean off she stops eating. Example: reduce to 2 doses from 3. Or, reduce all 3 doses 25%, etc.
I know H2 blockers can cause mineral malabsorption in humans so assume it will in equines too.
I have read the files on hair analysis and on Iron.
I have had good consistency with hair tests over the years, from different labs, on both the pony and the donkey. This year her iron dropped low for the first time, and other minerals were lower than her regular levels too.
Thank you Dr. Kellon for insights into Ranitidine (or other acid blockers) withdrawal, and mineral levels.
Beverly 6/14
Beverly Texas

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