Help with a pony club



Hello everyone; I would like to ask a really big favour on short notice but I just thought of an idea to help send a message home.

I have the pleasure of giving a presentation to a pony club and the topic of interest is founder.

I have lots of material on laminitis and would like to try to get a real life story on the subject: ‘bone penetrating sole’. The five minute letter(s) and pictures (x-rays and photos) that I can present to the pony club can consist of how you felt through all this, thoughts on haunting words like, "If I only knew how my horse would suffer," "I knew but didn’t change things like diet," and of course the emotional suffering I went through as a horse lover.

I’m not trying to scare the young teens but I need them not to think about founder and focus more on how not to get laminitis. I am hoping that a real life story will hit home. I just think the best way of learning is to emotionally feel through words and not experience. This is like coming through the back door, so to speak.

Yours truly

Pear Gibb

Corbyville On


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