Re: Help with a pony club


Hi Pear, or is it Pearl?  

Sorry, you signed "Pear" and it looks like "Pearl" in your email address, thus my confusion.  Here is a great, very well documented story of Druid that might interest you  Click on the links at the bottom (or side) to continue reading his story.--month two, three, etc...It's more than 5 minutes worth of information, but I think you could trim it down and make your point.  Paige's information is copyrighted so you might have to contact her to see how you can use it, but I'm sure she'd be happy that you are helping to educate people before they experience laminitis!  Just click on "copyright © 2003-2013" at the very bottom of the page on her site and it will take you to her contact page.  

Hope that helps!
Maggie, Chancey and Spiral in VA
March 2011
EC Primary Response

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