Re: cold protection for sensitive feet in IR horse


Hello -
I have an almost 30 year old Standardbred mare with Hx of founder x2 in the past with slight laminitic episode this past spring who now this winter shows a - I think - a sensitivity to the cold on her feet. (She will stand with her butt up against a wall and stick her right front foot out at times) We have lots of snow and temps have been cold. She is in a pen with a run-in shed and when it's below "0" at night or stormy, I take her into the barn where she has a stall with shavings to stand in. Now here's the thing - she hates being stalled - none of the other horses come in - she stall-walks but lately HAS been drinking some water inside, and has been lying down sometimes. (Outside, the horses have a heated tank) I like to keep her outside as much as I can when temps are above "0" at night so I am going to try wrapping her legs in polo wraps - do you think I should boot her also? And what about a diaper in the boot to conserve heat. OR - is is better for her feet to be in shavings? Or maybe a little of both so she is not inside every night?

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