Flaxseed oil instead of ground flax

Tiffany Woodward

Alright, Maggie is just not going to eat ground flax.  She tolerated it until I got up to the 2 oz. per day, and then decided she would not touch her hay cubes if flax was anywhere near them.  So I eliminated the flax, went back to just salt, and now she's happy again.

While browsing in the store, I found cold-pressed flaxseed oil capsules with 2 options: 1000 mg (450 mg Omega-3) or 1200 mg (540 mg Omega-3).  What would the equivalent of 2 oz. per day with either of these options?  I'm betting she'd eat one out of my hand with a few pellets.

Tiffany in NC

Nov. 2014




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