Re: cold protection for sensitive feet in IR horse


Hi Nancy -
Thanks for your reply. Are these human wool sox you are using? And are you only wrapping and booting the fronts? I have boots with studs so I can use those. How old is your Morgan?
Yes! I'm looking forward to spring too!!!

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Hi Karen

I've been going through some of the same thing, starting with big abscess on my Morgan IR boy at Christmas. I usually leave them out 24/7 except for extremes. This year he definitely wants to come in to lie down.

He's in boots with wool sox and leg wraps. The boots have studs. Even in deep snow, he is nice and toasty.

I finally found a place for bagged sawdust so have been using that. It makes a big differnce, IMO, loading the foot more like standing on a conformable surface. My stalls unfortunately are cement floored with hard pads so this is a big help. We're able to get the boots off on some nights, just to give him a break, and still keep him comfortable.

No question cold can have an impact. If that is the issue, you should see improvement fairly soon after wrapping. I find when Beau points one foot he's usually got an imbalance or other mechanical issue. It was how this abscess started as well.

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