Timothy Pellets

Sandy C

I am again looking for a new carrier for the custom minerals for my PPID/IR 27 y/o gelding (Paso).  He has been thru (and stopped eating) beet pulp, Ontario Balanced Cubes, and now is starting to refuse his Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage (chopped grass hay).  I started feeding him a little TC Lite (about 2 lbs./day) when he started to refuse the Safe Starch forage (he loves the TC Lite).  But the pellets don't hold much liquid (and he doesn't like liquid).  Am I safe increasing the TC Lite?  He is underweight but gets Coastal Bermuda free choice.  I haven't been on the site for awhile, but as I look around today I see people mentioning timothy pellets.  Are these considered safe for PPID/IR horses?  If so, is there a brand that is guarenteeing 10% or less of ESC + Starch?  I am also going to look at Stabul Nugget Crumbles mentioned by someone (no dealers here in SC) to see about shipping the crumbles directly.  The custom minerals are a powder.  Oh, by the way I had to quit wetting the chopped hay when he started refusing to eat it at all when wetted.  Now I spritz vinegar on several "lifts" of the chopped hay and add the custom minerals to the vinegar-spritzed areas.  Still lots of powder left after this.  We do mix the TC Lite Pellets in with the chopped hay so he roots around to get all the pellets and some of the chopped hay....  I was also thinking of mixing in TC Alfa-Lox which has a low ESC + Starch level, just to make the chopped grass hay more palatable but am a bit afraid to try anything with alfalfa as the main ingredient (although it recommends only 2-4 lbs./day and I would give less).

Thanks in Advance

Sandy C
Aiken, SC

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