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Lorna Cane

No slapping, Angela!!

What a kind offer.Very sad that you are in a position to make it,though.

I have emailed you privately,but not sure if you got it.To say how very sorry I am to hear about Bridie. I know you feel gutted. If only there were words to stop that feeling ,but it's impossible.

R.I.P. Bridie


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Hi all,

Lorna & Dr, K

It has been a while since I last posted. I have 100 caps of 3.5mg of Pergolide if some one requires these, no cost.Just C.O.D. by mail from Canada. I do not want to throw them out if someone can use them and it will help.They expire at 6 months the end of May.   Not sure if we are allowed to even post this info any more. If not, I will take my slap now! 


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