Re: Mountain Sunrise Product Analyses

Christina Turissini

Are you SURE that this is the analysis for the Plus version?  I know that minerals were added to have them balanced to the pellets, for this specific purpose, and Dr. Barbara Page, who is my vet for lameness issues, created this product for her clients with horses having these conditions.  That's the point, but since I haven't been able to get the numbers from the clinic yet, I can't confirm these numbers.  I am suspecting (hoping) that the numbers relate to the regular Bermuda grass pellets, and not the Plus.  I shall be very cross if this 11.1% number is correct, and shall consider switching to TC Lite, as that comes in at 9.3%.  Or perhaps beet pulp pellets or shreds.  Luckily it would only be a carrier for supplements and occasional weight gaining feed, not as a mainstay of diet.


Even then, why would there be any difference in the two versions of pellets--wouldn't the base be the same?


Scratching head here...!



Indian Hills, Colorado,

June 2013

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