Re: Dr. Kellon? Vets response (was Help interpreting test results)

Stephanie Stout


I just wanted to add to the catheter discussion since I have experience with it. My horse had a catheter placed(10-day ones, and he had several replaced as he needed to have it for several weeks so I could give him fluids/meds for his kidneys). It is possible to manage it yourself, but you have to be really comfortable with needles/etc and be super duper sanitary. Unfortunately, I have a feeling why but can't prove, my guy got a jugular infection from the catheter which resulted in thrombosis of his jugular on one side. It is healing very slowly, but will take years and probably will never go back to normal again. So, I just wanted to say that if you do decide on a catheter, please please be extremely sterile, careful, and be sure that no horse buddies can get access to it. (I have seen the horror stories of fellow horses ripping out jugular catheter's)

Good luck!
Oct 2014

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