Two Geldings with Cushings


I would like to add two case histories.  I have a good vet who is working with both horses on their Cushings.  I read these posts all the time, but can't find the one regarding how to give a case history.

My horses are 21 and 11 this April, both of them.  Both have cushings.  Recently the vet sent their samples to the lab, and they used a new lab on him, and so the results came back using different norms.  They put my older horse in a normal range with an 8.7,  and their range was 2-10.  Although we don't believe he's normal, because he started last May with a 214.40 pg/ml.   we got it lowered in december to 124.40,  both of which are still really high, and are working with diet and was given pergolide.  Recently we went to Prascend and then tested, and they used a different lab, with the result being 8.7.  SO it is difficult to compare results.

I have a lot of information that I would share with the group.  From his dermatitis caused by bacteria infection, to his exrays on his feet, to testing that was done for me by Defiance Sound Senior Starch feed supplement, which we found out is better than WellSolve LS, lower in all sugars, etc.  

Also since my other horse is young,  we found his cushings because I noticed a coat pattern on his neck.  He is red sorrel, I've seen it on other horses for sale and now I know it is indicative of cushings for them.
He's test were originally 32.74pg/ml, and it went up in december to 41.42.  He is also now on prascend.  we will have him tested again in March, and then we will deal with the new ranges from that lab. He also had the dermatits, and needed meds, but recovered more quickly since he is younger than Max.

I have learned a great deal from this site.and would share all my info, just can't seem to get to the case histories.  Thank you so very  much.

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