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Hi RJ,
My old guy gets 1 lb Triple Crown Lite or Low Starch along with Mountain Sunrise Timothy pellets and beet pulp, Kirkland Mediterranean Blend oil (6-8 oz) and 1 scoop(25-30gm) of whey protein for muscle. Including free access to grass hay, everything other than the protein is to keep weight on Ace.  The protein was specifically added when I saw it suggested on one of the discussions here.  My complaint was seeing a loss of muscle along his spine and withers.  In the year that Ace has received this, his whole back has come back up and I have been able to get some muscle back into his hind quarters. I would stay away from any product that uses molasses, especially if my horse is prone to Cushing's driven IR and laminitis.
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>> Have you tried APF? It is amazing!<<

What is APF?

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Have you tried APF? It is amazing!  It helps with the muscle wasting and lethargy.   My horse does WAY better on it.  

Additionally, I spent years researching feed and finally found Stabul 1 from NuZu.  My horse has done great on this feed and I would highly recommend it!  Some of the other ones say they are low starch but aren’t low enough—at least they weren’t for us.  

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I too am dealing with significant muscle loss. First feed I could find was Nutrena Safe Choice Original (controlled starch) to start switching him over from his org. mill mix (haven't gotten there yet) also am feeding their Empower Boost for fat. Haven't seen any improvement but am also dealing with very bad kidney function so, he's on 1 Prascend ( 8 days now) trying to find a balance for weight gain & low protein levels because of the kidney issue, haven't gotten there yet. Am too looking for the magic formula to feed that he will eat.

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