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Hi Lorna,
I have never been successful in being able to add Ace's or Shadow's case histories to this group. As for the grass, that was my mistake. He has access to Bermuda grass hay. That diet was pretty much designed by one of the nutritionists in this group. The only reason I use Triple Crown light is to get all of the herbs, sups and medications into Ace. What about this diet would you not use to give to an IR horse?
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Hi Leigh,

>My old guy gets 1 lb Triple Crown Lite or Low Starch along with Mountain Sunrise Timothy pellets and beet pulp, Kirkland Mediterranean Blend oil (6-8 oz) and 1 scoop(25-30gm) of whey protein for muscle. Including free access to grass hay, everything other than the protein is to keep weight on Ace. 

Can you please add your case history to your signature when you post.

The above diet should not be recommended for an IR horse.I'm confused,especially by the addition of 'free access to grass'. Please clarify, especially for new members reading the messages.

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