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Hi Lj,

As it important that everyone can follow the conversation I’m bringing your private email back to the group. In that email you said you were “asking for a list of veterinarians that compound pergolide in the US? I don't see any mention of that. For example if I'm in San Diego I would like to know if other members in the area have a vet that compounds pergolide. Can you assist with that?”


A list of vets willing to write an Rx for compounded pergolide is not something we have or are planning on having.  It is clear from posted messages that the subject of writing an Rx for compounded pergolide is a somewhat touchy subject with some vets – especially if they believe that Prascend is the better product.  My own vet is constantly asking me about switching to Prascend but luckily price alone for 36mg a day puts that out of the picture.  However if that were not the case, I would be doing a lot of research in the files to discuss the pros and cons and laws before looking for another vet.    It took a long time to get the relationship I have with this vet but it is so worth the effort. 


If you feel you must switch to a vet who has written an Rx for compounded pergolide, I suggest you could look through the Pergolide Dosage Database.  There are listings are columns asking for the type of pergolide being used.  Or look through the Regional Members Database in the Database Section of the ECIR to see if anyone in your area is willing to assist other members.  Once you have located a member you think might be able to help, you could then look up their email and send them a very polite email. 


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