Double checking ALCAR dose per Dr K

Kerry Isherwood

Need to double check ALCAR amt b/c Uckele package is a bit vague. Dose recommended by Dr Kellon for my horse is 1g ALCAR/100lbs = 10g (1,000-lb horse). (Note this recommendation is for an IR horse but not specifically for direct IR issues; is for another issue horse has)

Uckele ALCAR (single ingredient) package declares it is 3g ALCAR per 1 scoop, which is 5g. The vague part (for me) is that on another section of package it states '1 scoop = 5 grams' but doesnt designate 'what' the 5 grams are? Is it just, again, reiterating the size of the scoop? I just want to be sure the recommended dose given above, is indeed 3 1/3 scoops of the product (= 10g active ingredient).

Thank you!
Kerry in NY
Pinky Sept 14
Tofurky Nov 14

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