Face Book Post and Getting my Vet onboard

Michele Cameron

I just saw the Face Book post:" Fact: Seasonal Rise was 1st documented by an ECIR Group member and her veterinarian after noticing her horse had repeated bouts of fall laminitis. Fall laminitis is now recognized as an early sign of PPID."

This could be read as: Nobody knew about this prior to the ECIR documentation, and that Dr. Kellon is claiming that The ECIR Group was the first place that this was documented, and therefore the cause of scientific studies that then confirmed the group's observations...

I am only asking about this because I am trying to get my vet on board with Dr. Kellon's protocols, and he wants to see science-based proof.

Also, are there "science-based" studies about using Metformin prophylactically

to prevent Laminitis? (otherwise I may need to find another vet to help me acquire some)

This week, I talked with him about the group, and that I have been following the protocols here to help my Mustang, Elijah. He has asked me to send him links or articles about the protocols, philosophy, etc.... I am hoping that if I do that, he will just join the group and check it out for himself.... I did tell him that I was disappointed in the small amount of information that he gave me when Eli's crest blew up last fall, and that I was sure that if he had known about the group then, I would have appreciated him referring me here.

I have no doubt about the integrity and knowledge of Dr. Kellon and that this group will help prevent Eli & I from EVER having to deal with the consequences of uncontrolled IR, and to help us should he ever develop PPID.  I adore my vet, he has been very respectful about my use of homeopathy, etc., and I hope to help him to take advantage of the knowledge available here. Any comments or Ideas about this?

Michele & Elijah, Everson, Wa Jan 2014 


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