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Nancy C

Hi Michele

Good working with your vet!

The Facebook facts are to help send folks to the Proceedings from the 2013 conference.  In this case you'd want to read Dr Kellon's proceeding on Epidemiology, but there is so much more.

I would download all the proceedings for your vet.  Or he can download them either on our web page on on the International Veterinary Information Service (IVIS).

Conversations about Dee and her horse Cabby who pointed us all in the direction of seasonal rise are in the archives.

The pages also have ECIR recommended protocols and back up research for why the group recommends what it does.

Paper on metformin in the files:

Here are a couple of threads


Hope this helps.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
FACT: Analysis by the ECIR Group of the seasonal pattern of laminitis cases and the naturally occurring levels of fructan in grasses, has shown Fructan to be highly unlikely as the cause for laminitis. See  E. M. Kellon, VMD, The Internet as an Epidemiological Tool, 2013 NO Laminitis! Proceedings, Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance Group Inc.


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I just saw the Face Book post:" Fact: Seasonal Rise was 1st documented by an ECIR Group member and her veterinarian after noticing her horse had repeated bouts of fall laminitis. Fall laminitis is now recognized as an early sign of PPID."

This could be read as: Nobody knew about this prior to the ECIR documentation, and that Dr. Kellon is claiming that The ECIR Group was the first place that this was documented, and therefore the cause of scientific studies that then confirmed the group's observations...

Michele & Elijah, Everson, Wa Jan 2014

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