Jesses first labs from Cornell

lj friedman

Jesses report is decent. ( I need to load to ech8)

His acth is 40.7   ref 9-35

insulin       35.89  ref 10-40

leptin          3.18  ref 1-4

T4               .090   ref 1.0-3.0

Glucose     97       ref 71-113

Hemolysis    5      no ref

Icterus         2       no ref.

Vets initial comments.  Because Jesse has been on 1.0 mg of prascend since Jan 02nd, lets keep his does as it is now and revisit at a later time because it is only slightly out of range.

For the T-4, the vet wants me to start Paltech equine thyroid. I told him to call Cornell and order up the full thryroid pane,  ( the panel I selected only covers the T-4 but the Cornell vet said we can order a full thyroid panel if the T-4 came back out of range. 

If I can get comments on vet's decision to want to keep prascend at 1.0 mg and test next year? And the decision to start with Paletch thyroid, I asked him to call Cornell and order up a full thyroid panel. Will this added info help ? Vet says Jesse is 100 lbs overwt and his calories are not that high. He suspects this is why he has trouble  losing the weight:  the low  T-4 reading  

Also, I was thinking, because Jesses back seems to prevent him from being ridden, to move him to a pasture type home with more room to move.. ( His stall is fine now  40x40 with enclosure and shavings but I think I can do better)  The vet says that adding pasture is just asking for trouble. Can this horse have any pasture time each day?  thanks.

lj friedman san diego nov 2014


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