Re: IR Calculator and r/s/r bp

lj friedman

For a horse on mtn sunrise timothy pellets and beet pulp, is there anything else I can do to drive down the lab markers that make a horse IR? 

One confession.  I havent been doing a true r/s/r of the bp.. I've been doing a rinse where I fill up thepail to the top with water and dump the water out...  refill with water to the top and let it soak.. and then after an hour.. I dump that water out and add my supps and add more water to make it slushy.. Why do I do this?  People have complained ,where I board, allegedly about the bp water odor and now I have to walk quite a ways to dump the water each time so I'm doing above.  ( I have another horse so this is a mini-chore) Would this one missed step of  not doing the rinse be causing higher lab values than if I did another rinse?I can do a better r/s/r if I should   lj friedman san diego nov 2014



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