My mare

Molly Kinney

Hello, group I have been a member here for years. I found this group to be very helpful with my cushings horse. He has since passed and now I have a mare who is eleven and an easy keeper
With my past experience I decided to do a cushings test so I would have a baseline for our futures years ...
So my vet called with her results( she was surprised at the number )
She tested at 42
My vet isn't concerned but I am
I have also in the past felt their thought process with this is different than this group( I trust this group information)
This horse is my only riding horse and I want her to be properly supported
She gets massages and chiro sessions :)
The vet seemed unconcerned that the number wasn't " too " alarming that if she were stressed it could be a little high
When she was tested it was at 11 am ( the vet was late)
The horse only had hay for breakfast
What do I need to do?
I don't remember the whole process for my other horse so I'm confused
Do I put her on pergolide?
The vet said she didn't see ANYTHING that would indicate a cushings horse and was surprised
And said she wouldn't do anything
I need guidance
M Kinney (c) 207-329-4259

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