Iron overload in horses

lj friedman

I read Dr. Kellon's article, Thyroid Misconceptions in Horses.  My takeaway is that iron overload can cause low thyroid readings. I looked at my feedxl report ( I know we dont like to use feedxl because they don't help balance with proper ratios)  and it shows for Jesse's daily intake that his iron is 1748 mg per day which is 385% over RDI of 454mg RDI.  If I want to tighten up the iron, where is it coming from?  I;m thinking that an extra rinse of bp isnt going to correct all of this iron ? His diet.. mtn sunrise timothy pellets, bp 2.4#,, farriers formula ds, tc omega max flax, salt and vit e and selenium  lj friedman san diego nov 2014


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