Prevacox and pergolide

lj friedman

Some friends saw Jesse today and we moved him in the roundpen and they made the following comments.. ( one of the friends  is a small animal vet with a horse)
Lame on all 4 feet esp in the front.. probably due to arthritis
Neck and back and rt hip off as well. ( I know he has a bad back.. has had for a while)
Talked about prevacox and/or some supplement to help with the arthritis.

I was wondering what others that have a senior horse with cushings/IR are using for arthritis, etc? thanks. LJ Friedman san diego   I did a search of the files and it seems that some of the pertinent discussions would not allow me to open the files I'm wondering if 156 mg tablet a day is a good idea? If I could get it at the same time I give the 1 mg prascend?   I am in the process of making an appointment with another vet named Dr. Silverman who is supposed to be quite good with metabolic and was a previous Ferrier. I'm a little disappointed in myself for not realizing how uncomfortable jesse is and that is due to my newness to horses. With that being said ihe was being walked  six days a week byone of the owners the ranch where I board so that makes me feel a little unsettled as well. I walk him now. Thanks I posted this on housekeeping and it was suggested to me to move it over here.

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